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Sailing in Malta: The 5 best anchorages to escape to in autumn

– 30 November 2023 – Sailing itineraries

Sailing itineraries

Sailing in Malta: The 5 best anchorages to escape to in autumn

For sailors, the Maltese archipelago is a true paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean. An ideal place for those who want to enjoy peace and mild temperatures while sailing along its coasts aboard a sailboat. Starting from the capital, Valletta, which over the years has climbed the ranks of preference among boaters, partly due to one of the most fascinating regattas that starts and finishes here every year: the Middle Sea Race.

In addition to the absolutely scenic harbor, the city is a jewel with unique urban planning and its monumental architecture reveals precious treasures at every corner. Monuments such as the Co-Cathedral of St. John and the masterpieces it contains are worth the trip alone, but the colorful workshops of artisans, the cozy jazz venues and the refined restaurants perfectly complement a visit to this destination.

Malta: crystal-clear sea, historic cities and dreamy landscapes

Other smaller cities like Mdina and Birgu reveal landscapes of extraordinary beauty, characteristic villages, delicious food and world-renowned archaeological sites such as the megalithic temples. Of course, not forgetting the beaches and the transparent sea that surrounds the archipelago, where warm currents allow for a final dip until October, extending the summer for a few more weeks. However, a stop in the capital of Malta can only be the starting point for a broader cruise through all the islands of the archipelago.

Take Gozo, for example, the second island of the archipelago representing the tranquil heart of the archipelago, where rhythms are more peaceful, and nature offers picturesque and unforgettable views. Here, life is meant to be enjoyed outdoors with walks along cliffs and countryside and dinners featuring local and fresh products. In reality, the entire archipelago is enveloped in vibrant nature and steeped in traditions from the oldest to the most modern, as result of an interchange of cultures during history. The resulting mix makes Malta, its sister islands and the over 250 kilometers of coastline enchanting places to drop anchor for the night, relax, enjoy the scenery and experience the beauty of sailing. Let’s see what the 5 best anchorages are for those choosing Malta as the destination for their cruise.

Blue Lagoon

The best place to anchor is undoubtedly the Blue Lagoon, an incredible and beautiful destination. It might seem unbelievable that you can anchor here for free. In reality, that’s exactly the case and you can enjoy all its splendor throughout the night and be among the first to dive in when the sun starts shining again. If you’re looking for peace and tranquility, the best time to explore the Blue Lagoon is during the week because, on weekends, even in the autumn months, it can be a bit crowded with party boats.

Little Armier Bay

In the north of Malta, there is instead a fantastic beach that has been largely overlooked by tourists for years. To get there, you need your own car or boat, which significantly limits the opportunities to enjoy it. There is wonderful sand, a nice beach bar, and you are well positioned to reach Comino, Gozo and the Blue Lagoon in the morning.Discover the best boat rental deals from Malta

Ancoraggi Malta

Paradise Bay

With a name like Paradise Bay, this place is much more well-known, but that’s no reason not to visit, especially because the tourists who frequent the mainland all return home for the night, leaving you the opportunity to enjoy the scenery in complete tranquility at anchor. You’ll find a fantastic beach in a sheltered cove, nestled beneath some cliffs, boasting crystal-clear waters and some of the best snorkeling activities in the area.

Ancoraggi Malta

Ghajn Tuffieha

Ghajn Tuffieha is rightfully voted as the best beach in all of Malta. You’ll need to be fortunate with the winds to anchor here, as it’s not an ideal place to stay overnight during prevailing winds. However, if the wind gods create an opportunity for you, you should seize it. In addition to the superb beach, the local hill provides an extraordinary panoramic view of the entire bay.

Ancoraggi Malta

Dwejra Bay

Spectacular light, ever-changing every day and a majestic cliff are what you will find in the tranquil bay of Dwejra. Here, the only nightlife that will keep you awake is the sound of seagulls and local bats. It is located near the famous Azure Window arch and is also home to the renowned Fungus Rock. A short distance from Dwejra Bay, there is much to explore on land with adventurous excursions using a tender.


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