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Trogir, Vis & Brač: sailing among the pearls of Croatia - Marenauta Blog

– 9 November 2021 – Sailing itineraries

Sailing itineraries

Trogir, Vis & Brač: sailing among the pearls of Croatia

A 7-day sailing itinerary in the heart of Croatia is the best solution for a holiday that you can treat yourself, immersed in nature and surrounded by centuries of history. The charm of places such as Trogir, Vis, Šolta, Komiža and the island of Brač cannot be explained, it must be experienced on board of a boat that sails freely.

The uncontaminated and luxuriant nature, the emerald blue sea, the silence and tranquility of certain secluded bays, the backdrop of splendid cities with ancient history, are some of the wonders that one encounters when choosing to take a sailing cruise in the heart of Croatia. In this 7-day itinerary with departure and return to Trogir, a splendid city of art in the center of the country, you have the opportunity to get lost in a journey among islands surrounded by greenery and visit towns and seaside villages where time seems to have stopped: Šolta, Komiža, Vis, island of Brac, are some of the natural pearls that welcome yachtsmen, surround them in a relaxing atmosphere and spoil them with excellent nautical services, in the marinas as well as at the anchorage points.

Day 1: Aci Marina Trogir, boarding

On the first day of our sailing cruise in Croatia we remain moored in Trogir where we have the opportunity to discover this beautiful city. Its ancient and beautifully preserved medieval stone center located on a small island is protected as a Unesco World Heritage Site. It is located a few steps from the marina through the narrow channel that divides the island of Ciovo from the city of Trogir.

Trogir is in fact the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic city in Central Europe with 2300 years of urban tradition. Hence, among its narrow cobbled streets you will find many interesting historical monuments and other buildings such as castles, towers, mansions and palaces from different periods, as well as art galleries, shops, bars and excellent restaurants.

Day 2: Trogir – Maslinica, island Šolta, 10 miles

Not far from Trogir with a short navigation we meet a beautiful archipelago with a large number of islets, bays and villages, surrounded by unspoiled nature and a crystal clear sea. There are many beautiful bays along the route suitable for a few hours of fun at anchor, but a must is a visit to the fantastic bay of Krknjaši on the island of Drvenik Veli. A few more miles of sailing and we will reach our destination, which is the picturesque village of Maslinica, located in the western part of the island of Šolta. Here, mooring is safe in a small but modern marina, although it is best to book a berth in advance: in exchange you can enjoy the truly exclusive atmosphere of the Martinis Marchi boutique hotel.

The hotel building is in the shape of a beautifully restored old castle overlooking the panorama of this pretty Mediterranean fishing village, with its many tavernas and bars perfect for a stress-free holiday. Alternatively we can spend the night at anchor sailing to the nearby deeply sunken bay of Šešula, where there are some buoys and a nice restaurant.

Day 3: Maslinica – Komiža, island Vis, 24 miles

The next morning it is better to set sail as soon as possible in order to reach the next stop, the city of Komiža on the magical island of Vis, it takes at least 4 hours of navigation at the open sea. The well-known Komiža is located in a spacious quite exposed bay, located on the west coast of the island. If you arrive around noon, there is probably the possibility of finding a free mooring by the sea. Alternatively you can take advantage of a certain number of buoys in the bay.

Famous for its centuries-old fishing tradition, Komiža was for many centuries one of the largest fishing centers in the Mediterranean. To discover the rich and interesting fishing past of the city, try to visit the dedicated museum in the old tower overlooking the harbor, where you can see the traditional wooden boat, the only Falkuša fishing boat. The daily life of the city takes place in the port, which makes a lively and pleasant atmosphere. There are several restaurants famous for preparing high quality fresh fish and lobster as a local specialty, while the very strong red wine Plavac is a real delicacy. Before dinner, try to take a 20-minute walk to the Monastery of San Nicola to enjoy a fantastic view.

Day 4: Komiža – Porat Bay, island Biševo, 8 miles

The entire fourth day of our sailing cruise in Croatia is dedicated to the island of Biševo and its amazing and famous blue cave Modra špilja. To visit the cave you have to follow a strict procedure: take a buoy in the bay of Mezoporat, buy a ticket on the pier and wait in line to board one of the small boats of the local company that are allowed to enter the cave in a nearby bay of Balun. The most beautiful play of light between the sun’s rays and the sea water in the cave is from 11 am to noon.

Afterwards we continue sailing for a few miles counterclockwise around the island to reach the beautiful bay of Porat on the west coast of Biševo where several buoys should be available for a safe overnight stay. You can also drop anchor in a crystal clear sea, but if the bay is overcrowded you can go to the nearby and somewhat smaller bay of Salbunara. In Porat there is a beautiful sandy beach, two or three restaurants and a few houses. After a refreshing swim, you can take a half-hour walk to the almost abandoned village in the hinterland of Biševo where you can enjoy incredible natural beauty and the magnificent view from the village.

Vela Croazia

Day 5: Biševo – Vis port, island Vis, 20 miles

Our route continues around the southern part of Biševo, passing striking cliffs and sailing under the steep southern coast of the island of Vis. You can take a break by stopping in one of the many bays, among which the Stiniva bay stands out, however it is often overcrowded and the depth does not allow anchoring, so it is better to put the bow towards the Rukavac bay between the Ravnik islet and the coast southeast of Vis. Here you can swim in a beautiful lagoon before leaving for the port of Vis. Another beautiful bay to explore is Stončica, where we can find several buoys, a sandy beach and a nice tavern. When sailing along the east coast of the island of Vis, great care must be taken to avoid the numerous reefs and underwater rocks.

The city of Vis with its spacious bay, also called “Vis port”, welcomes boats and yachts with countless moorings and buoys scattered around the bay and on the two promenades, but everything gets occupied until the early afternoon. Vis represents another ancient and lively urban center of the Croatian islands founded on the remains of the ancient Greek settlement of Issa, whose remains are still visible. To fully enjoy it, just take a long walk around this beautiful bay and choose one of the many delicious restaurants or bars.

Vela Croazia

Day 6: Vis port – bay Bobovišća, island Brač, 22 miles

On the sixth day of our sailing our route takes us to another quiet and unspoiled place: the beautiful Bobovišća bay, located in the western part of the island of Brač. Here there are several moorings in the small village promenade, but it is more convenient to take one of the many buoys in the bay for more privacy. Bobovišća is truly a magnificent and peaceful bay deeply embedded in the island of Brac and well protected from all winds and waves. Walking or swimming around this bay, one of the rare in the Adriatic where the houses are well integrated with the natural beauty and rich vegetation, is a unique experience. There is also a small market and three restaurants in the village.

If you prefer a small island town and mooring in the marina for the night, the nearby bay and town of Milna offers good protection in three marinas, but also a more common landscape. To spend a quiet night, the advice is to choose the first marina on the left as you enter the port, while if you want to be part of the lively atmosphere of the typical Mediterranean town, choose the other two.

Vela Croazia

Day 7: Bay Bobovišća – Aci marina Trogir, 17 miles

On the last day of this magnificent cruise, only 17 nautical miles remain to return to the port of disembarkation, the Aci marina Trogir. It takes only about 3 hours of sailing in favorable wind or by motor, so you can still explore the northern coast of the island of Šolta in peace and find beautiful bays to swim and relax. There is no need to rush, so the advice is to spend the whole day enjoying the sea or visiting villages, such as Stomorska, Nečujam or Rogač. After all, you never get tired of enjoying all the beauties and the pleasant atmosphere of this part of Croatia, especially on board of a sailing boat.

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