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Here's why one should organize a sailing cruise in Spain - Marenauta Blog

– 28 November 2023 – Boat holidays

Boat holidays

Here’s why one should organize a sailing cruise in Spain

Spain and its islands are among the most desired destinations for sailors on cruises, regardless of the season. Especially the English, but also the French, Germans and Italians, love sailing in Spain, and there are many reasons for this success. Firstly, the climate, generally mild for most of the year. But also the excellent value for money of holidays, as well as the number and quality of ports and tourist marinas scattered along the coasts. Not to mention the exquisite food and rich cultural heritage, excellent air connections, and above all, the warmth, hospitality, and welcoming spirit of the Spanish people. Just organizing a sailing holiday in Spain puts you in a good mood!


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Sun, nature, and ‘fiesta,’ the cornerstones of the Spanish coasts

A true advantage of Spain is it’s atmosphere that envelops you when you cross its land and sea borders. There’s little to say; it’s simply unique! Spaniards love to have fun and relax, two true cornerstones of a boat vacation. Of course, sailing is pursued for the love of nature, but if you’re also looking for a lively nightlife between stops, then you’re in the right place: the “fiesta” in Spain never ends. Clubs, restaurants and bars are open late and people love to go out and sit on a sunny outdoor terrace to enjoy a coffee or have a drink, or better yet, an icy “cerveza,” while indulging in tapas and other delights.

Food enthusiasts, history buffs, nature lovers can enjoy the wide range of opportunities that Spain offers. Its coasts are dotted with cultural cities, historic villages and picturesque towns, some of the best UNESCO World Heritage sites. Furthermore, there’s a wide choice of food and wine routes, trekking paths, sports activities and cultural visits. In short, those who choose Spain as the destination for their sailing cruise will find plenty of opportunities for fun and leisure for the entire crew. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit yet, perhaps the following factors can finally convince you.

Beaches, bays, and islands a bit off the beaten path

Spain is one of the coastal countries that boasts an impressive range of beaches both on the mainland and on the islands. From the Iberian coast to the Balearic and Canary Islands, all the beaches are beautiful, picturesque and incredibly relaxing.

The Costa Brava is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Barcelona. Famous for its secluded beaches, crystal-clear waters and hidden coves, this coastal stretch extends from Blanes to the French border. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy a completely relaxing cruise or for families, for example. Tossa de Mar, Cadaques, Calella de Palafrugell and Palamós are all cruise destinations suitable for a less hectic vacation.


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Spagna vela

Balearic and Canary Islands: the two faces of the Spanish sea

The Balearic Islands are known for being the backdrop of great parties. However, in reality, the archipelago is also the preferred destination for those who love nature and culture. Kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches, lush nature, excellent restaurants and vibrant nightlife: you will be spoiled for choice on things to do! But you will certainly find the best way to spend your sailing trip among Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

The Canary Islands, on the other hand, are the perfect place to escape the winter blues. Just invoking their name brings to mind images of wild and sunny landscapes. Just off the African coast, the archipelago offers a set of incredible beaches, lunar landscapes, subtropical vegetation, mild climate throughout the year and lush greenery. Each island has a different panorama, but they all seem to belong to another planet, with waterfalls, pine forests and black beaches. Renting a boat in the Canary Islands is also ideal if you want to do the so-called ‘island hopping,’ wandering from one island to another.

Spagna vela

Spain: a triumph of nature

Spain has beautiful natural landscapes. Many Spaniards love taking advantage of a sunny day to take a walk surrounded by nature, enjoying all the benefits it brings. In the country with the highest number of Biosphere Reserves in the world, you will find lakes, mountains, volcanoes, marshes, forests, valleys and dams. In short, the diversity of Spanish landscapes will never cease to amaze you.

The Camí de Ronda route along the cliffs of the Costa Brava, the Sierra Tramontana in Majorca, the historical path of the Camí de Cavalls in Menorca, Mount Teide in Tenerife and the Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote are all excellent options to spend a different day during your sailing holiday in Spain.

A genuine, simple and tasty kitchen

The Spanish food is definitely a good reason why you should sail to Spain next summer. Spanish cuisine indeed embodies the key features of the Mediterranean diet, but with strong Arab influences. From tapas and jamon to excellent meat and fish dishes; and then cheeses and cured meats, you will always find specialties that will make your mouth water. Some more popular, others less known, but every region or island has its own traditions. Wherever you go, you will encounter high-quality products, diverse dishes and a wide range of restaurants to suit every budget.


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Spagna vela

Elegant, hi-tech, and cosmopolitan coastal cities

It is undeniable that Spain is blessed with extraordinary nature. However, the landscape is made even more special by the heritage of monuments, ancient ruins, works of art and architectural masterpieces. Spain is one of the culturally richest countries in the Mediterranean. You will find churches, palaces and entire historic centers considered among the most incredible places ever built.

As soon as you start walking through the streets of a big city or a smaller town, you realize how rich the history of this country is. There are artifacts dating back to the Roman Empire, prehistoric ruins and even cave paintings from 8000 B.C., like those in Minorca.

Spagna vela

Events, festivals and cultural offers

The Spaniards love to party. There’s no doubt, and indeed, Spain hosts numerous festivals of all kinds. La Tomatina in Buñol, Las Hogueras de San Juan, Las Fallas in Valencia, La Feria de Malaga, just to name a few of the numerous events celebrated throughout the year. For any celebration, Spain has a dedicated festival. The rituals and traditions are so important to the Spaniards that they celebrate them with passion and enthusiasm.

Furthermore, every year, more and more young people decide to sail in Spain, especially in the Balearic Islands, renting a boat. Naturally, Ibiza is highly sought after. It hosts the best clubs, DJs and parties in all of Europe. Surely, it is the best island to spend a sailing trip on if you are a lover of parties and nightlife. But note that Spain, as you have understood by now, is much more than a beach party!


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